Creating a short anime inspired explosion all in After Effects, without using 3rd party plugins 


First Section

The first step, which I made using the Polar Coordinates effect and lots of lines coming down the screen - which shoot outwards with the Polar Coordinates effect

The 'gas explosion' in the center is also done using the same effect, but with a square block instead of lines

I challenged myself to not use the graph editor for this project and try to make everything with linear keyframes (though I did end up using it for the final explosion)




This is probably my favorite part - that 'suction' feeling of all of the energy coming together, combined with the glow effect that stutters, made me very happy once I got it all working.

I watched a stupid amount of Anime explosion videos on YouTube in order to copy this part accurately

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 2.24.43 PM.png

Working on the Explosion

This was also done using Polar Coordinates - it actually started as just a white Rectangle that moves down in position


Working on the Explosion - Part 2

I then applied Turbulent Displace to give it that neat, almost liquid effect


Finished Product

That wasn't so hard! 

Big thanks to Joey Korenmon at School of Motion for the idea

Playing around with compositing and 'gooey' effects


First Step

The goal was to animate a ball to eventually 'morph' into two. The first step is simple enough...


Now with holes!

This wasn't so difficult once I got my mind around it: basically using a lot of blur and some extra shape layers for the holes, and then animating them to stretch frame by frame. Who said animating was quick?


After Compositing

I really liked this color palette. After making the animation, the next step was giving it some depth and a little bit of squash and stretch/secondary animation


Second Shape

2 for the price of 1 with an extra shape thrown in there! Thinking through the holes on the triangle took a bit longer than I thought it would


Finished Product

Changed the color palette (I liked the first one but ultimately I found this palette more interesting for this project) and I smoothed everything out a bit more.

All in all this was a pretty fun way to spend a dreary, rainy evening in the city 

Making a circle-based animation with overlapping shapes and effects


First steps

Big things have small beginnings...


Step Two

Created the blooming effect using expressions and duplicating the original layer


Step Three

Now to add some compositing and a new shape - the circle


Step Four

Bringing in another shape - the triangle

I'm really liking the orange color on those dots


Finished Product

Added a few more shapes to make it interesting