DOUG.HAUS is the platform for American director Douglas McGinness, who works across the fields of live action film and motion graphic animation. His work includes music videos, short films, documentaries, and advertising. Douglas' passion is high concept storytelling – regardless of the medium, his work strives to be deeply rooted in the adage "Concept is King". Concept has been King for Douglas even from the beginning - his first music video, a story-driven piece about an awkward man trying to seduce his crush with home-learned dance moves, won Duran Duran’s international Genero.TV competition despite having been shot on personal cameras with student actors, and became the official music video of their single, “Safe: In the Heat of the Moment” launching Douglas’ career.

Douglas is lucky enough to have had his work endorsed by GLAAD, The Advocate, IndieWire, UpWorthy, and screened at film festivals all around the world including Cannes. 

Deep down Douglas is a giant kid, and likes to make things that make the kid in him delighted.


Here's some cool organizations that have liked Douglas' work:

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Awards and Honors:

Finalist - Genero.TV Edward Sharpe Competition, Man on Fire

Finalist - Genero.TV Miller 64 Competition, New Beers Resolution

Grand Prize - Genero.TV Duran Duran Competition, Safe: In the Heat of the Moment

Kidseye Grand Prize - RIIFF, The Epic of Hershey

Best Comedy  - Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival, Catcalling Virgin

Best in Category - Tallgrass Film Festival, The Epic of Hershey